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Welcome to that is a hub for your robot search!
We’d like to be more abundant in contents and links for your successful robot search whatever uses are factory, homes, retails, or educational. When you travel outside your country to somewhere by transferring, you’ll need to drop by a hub airport and we wish to be the one in your robot search. We’d like any suggestion or ideas regarding robot business that is hopefully going to be all-out in near future.

Robots are for future generation rather than currently dominating generation since many phases of robot are only shown in factory use such as automation. Ordinary people only see it as vacuum cleaners currently but the next generation will be getting much closer to meeting robots in every phase of lives, with more pragmatic use such as widely used robot surgery, not just toys.

Below is for basic knowledge that worth reading on robotics.

Everything Humans Need to Know About Robotics – ZDNet

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